Seminars and workshops

Seminar No. 1: Biomaterials for medical implants (12.10.2022) – on-line

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  • Workshop No. 1.1. – Analysis of Market analysis (target groups) in the field of materials used and implant manufacturing technologies, preliminary materials research (17-21.10. 2022)
  • Workshop No. 1.2. – Characterization of biomaterials – destructive and non-destructive methods, assessment of physicochemical properties (14-18.11.2022)
  • Workshop No. 1.3. – Characterization of biomaterials – biological assessment (5-9.12.2022)

Seminar No. 2: Additive technologies, finishing technologies and their use in the manufacture of implants

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  • Workshop No. 2.1. – Selection of manufacturing technology in the area of additive technologies, including finishing machining
  • Workshop No. 2.2. – Optimization of technological process parameters

Seminar No. 3: Computer modelling of new materials and products for biomedical engineering

  • Workshop No.3.1. – Acquisition of anthropometric data for implant design
  • Workshop No.3.2. – Development of a geometric model of knee joint endoprosthesis

Seminar No. 4: Prototype verification, certification and clinical trials

  • Workshop No. 4.1. – Mechanical and functional assessment of the prototype taking into account environmental conditions
  • Workshop No. 4.2. – Product certification
  • Workshop No. 4.3. – Clinical trials of knee joint endoprosthesis

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