Integrated research
and teaching system
for implementation of additive technologies

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Project meaning

In the face of the ongoing changes, as a result of the scientific and technical revolution and globalization, the independent and independent development of the scientific and research unit is doomed to failure for financial and organizational reasons.

Access to key market partners, especially on an international scale, is ensured only by the rapid and continuous updating of knowledge, the expansion of competences, as well as the acquisition of new skills.

The given motive of the action is the overall strategic goal of the Applicant consistent with the strategy of internationalization of the Łukasiewicz Research Network, which also includes the objectives, subject matter and substantive and organizational scope of the submitted application in the NAWA Strategic Partnerships program.

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Seminars and practical classes

  • Seminar

    Biomaterials for medical implants

  • Seminar

    Additive technologies, finishing technologies and their use in the manufacture of implants

  • Seminar

    Computer modelling of new materials and products for biomedical engineering

  • Seminar

    Prototype verification, certification and clinical trials

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